About us

Hatchi Lao Co., Ltd. is a company that produces bedding products and is a subsidiary of MARUHATCHI HOLDING  COMPANY  and MARUHATCHI MAWATA  COMPANY  (In JAPAN). The company was established in 2008, now our company manufactures clothes products for adults and children such as shirts, pants, Japanese uniforms, pajamas, waterproof suits, coats,  gloves. Masks, pillows, cushions, towels, table-cover, bedsheets, waterproof pillow covers, waterproof cushions, curtains, waterproof curtains, mattresses, blanket, blanket cover, bags made of PE and PVC for domestic and export sales. By 2020, there is a large outbreak of the Covid-19 disease, which has killed millions of people also including doctors. Our global traveling was restricted, including the narrowing of freight, which has created problems in the supply of imported goods, especially medical equipment, which are in great demand and urgent at the moment. Japan also has a shortage of medical equipment. So the government chose a garment company in Japan to produce surgical gown products for supplying all over the country. Our company is one of the thirty companies that has chosen by the government. 

14 October 2020

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